How does an #IRL network help property managers?


The amenity war didn’t tame the turnover.

According to NAA research, when a person knows six or more people in their property they are 70% more likely to renew. In our #IRL networks when ONE person receives help, they respond to FOUR other needs on average.

Each of these meet-ups puts a name to familiar faces.


Probably 33.6% of your “neighborhood perks” are valid.

We know because we curate and automate perks for each property. No need for your team to waste time walking the neighborhood. Ever.

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We’ll let you take all the credit.

Every time your residents get help, have it be your name they remember. We can private label individual buildings just as easy as entire portfolios (we had to invent a patent to do it).


We listened. The newest generation of our #IRL network is entirely opt-in to reduce liability.

82.1% of our residents who opened an invitation engaged our platform within six months. That’s when they agree to our terms of service (and yours too if you want).

We use the latest in differential privacy to protect all that opt-in data.


Let’s work together

Are you a property manager interested in getting hOp set up for community? Let’s schedule a demo and see if the hOp communityOS platform is the right fit for you! If you are a resident needing assistance with your app, please contact