Community-as-a-service is easier than you think, all you need to do is upload the invite list.

Building and managing a community is difficult when just 500 people create 249,500 individual relationships. The algorithm we designed to do it gets open rates above 80% and will notify you of our progress at the end of each month.

How it works…

One stop shop.png

Alleviate app fatigue with our one stop shop for your community

hOp unifies all your needs and services into a single platform. While your community chats and shares, they’ll have access to perks in the neighborhood and your hand picked service providers (ie rent payment, donate, etc.). It’s all customizable and measured through hOp’s automagic automations.

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No bots, no trolls, no strangers

Private, invite only communities create a higher level of trust and content. The hOp platform asks each member to create a nametag before they can borrow, post, or comment.


hOp stands for helping Other people

Every hOp leads to more engagement and better community. The average community member’s engagement increases by 360% after receiving their first hOp. This creates a feedback loop, more content, and many more in-real-life connections.


Use your brand and your voice to customize hOp

We designed our platform using nerdy marketing terms like reach, brand touches, recency and frequency. But we built our platform so you get the credit.


Grow your community through Guest Passes

It’s intimidating to join a new community which is why we designed our guest pass to put your best foot forward. The platform presents a custom portfolio showcasing your community and a protected version of the community conversation. You choose which members can chat with your guests and for those that don’t become full members, their access will automatically expire.


We care about your stars and reviews

Authentic community is the absolute best way to boost your online reputation. When people help each other on our platform we prompt them to share their stories with the world. No incentives. No review gating.