How does an #IRL network help retailers?


Our platform can distinguish which phones have been to your store.  

How do you buy foot traffic? If every customer is worth $2.86, how many impressions on social media does it take to get those feet in the door?

By offering separate perks for regulars and first visit candidates, we ensure your high-ticket items “reach” the right audience.


hOp builds #IRL networks around anything, including your store.

You invite your friends and family and we’ll invite your regulars. Reach out to them when your store is quiet.


Your friends and family will thank us.

You asked for a secret VIP perk, so we made it. Don’t worry about the secret getting out though, we automagically provide identification with every redemption in your store to make sure those goodies are non-transferrable.

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And it’s not just for physical retailers.

We designed our #IRL networks entirely around location. Each of our members has a dynamic “easy button” that changes by location. We can attach your order button to as many buildings as you want. 

We can email you the new leads or have our computers tell your computers.


This is easier than you think.  

No need to stress about interrupting the workflow at the shop. We designed everything so you can set it and forget it. You adjust how it works anytime, even choose how often we email our progress.

The users from our first ten cities (MSA) agree. Our platform is completely opt-in and 82.4% of everyone that opens one of our emails eventually installs. This is already happening.


Let’s work together

Are you a retailer interested in turning neighbors into regular customers by promoting your brand in our hyperlocal network? Contact us to see if the hOp communityOS platform is the right fit for you!