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Residential Communities

hOp makes it simple for people in apartment communities to be more neighborly


hOp is a retention machine powered by authentic connections.

Renewal rates increase by 70% when a resident personally knows six or more people. We use favors, perks, polls, events, group chat, and direct messaging to plant roots in your neighborhood.


We generate 10.4 extra happy hours per property per month of nametags and conversation.

And it’s not just the same 30 people. We have community-wide open rates above 80% and nametag participation over 50%.


Convert more leads by letting them feel the warmth.

Our guest pass feature provides a gallery and amenities but more importantly it allows guests to few the vibrancy of your community. You simply select the “super neighbors” allowed to chat with them.

The amenity residents need most is already on the property.

hOp creates a virtual sharing and borrowing library within the community for residents to access. Each time a resident is helped their engagement with the community increases by 360%.

Let your neighborhood boost the value to your resident.

We contract with local merchants around your property for special “perks” for regulars and first-time visitors. We’ll automatically report the savings back to you each month.

We’ll give you the credit.

Our community engagement generates thousands of positive brand interactions every month. Help them remember why they selected your community.

We’ve reinvented reputation management.

Respond to the community before those 1-Star reviews get created. And every time someone gets a favor answered we’ll prompt them to share their stories. No review gating. No gift cards.

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We’ve designed a one-stop-shop for all your resident needs.

We can provide access points for all your resident services in the same place they already go to connect with each other. And for those with app fatigue, we provide your services and many of our features in an opt-in weekly email.