About hOp

Founded in 2015, hOp is a Community-as-a-Service platform where your messages trend by design. Our mission is to give the ownership of community back to the people who built it.

What we do

We provide your members with organic avenues to become invested in the community you’ve curated by helping each other; we call it a hOp. Access thoughtfully curated analytics and insights to drive deeper, more meaningful community participation by leveraging our community-building experts and automated tools.

Why it matters

With each hOp, we turn positive experiences into positive reviews, learn about what motivates and excites your community, and help you retain your members by turning them into fanatics.

Illustration of Chris Peifer, CEO of hOp

Chris Peifer, CEO

Illustration of Stuart Kime, CTO of hOp

Stuart Kime, CTO

A message from our co‑founders

This isn’t another email about “these unprecedented times”; this is about our mission from day-one: authentic community.

We founded hOp in 2015 to combat digital isolation, the idea that social media and phones have driven us further apart. We believe that technology can be an avenue to keep people first (hOp, after all, is the community company).

We spent the first few years studying, experimenting, failing, and innovating how “digital community” works. We have worked tirelessly to put the power of community in more hands than ever so you can know the friendly faces around you and support your local merchants while benefiting from neighborhood offers. That’s why hOp stands for helping Other people.

We are so excited and proud of the work we’ve put in and now it’s time for you to reap the rewards. We hope you’ll love the improvements and are excited to see how hOp communities continue to grow together, even when we’re forced to be apart.

Chris & Stuart,