hOp creates tools to deepen community.

We make in real life (#IRL) networks from familiar faces. hOp believes authentic community blossoms when we spend time together face to face instead of click to click.

Our beliefs led us to invent the safest way for two people to meet in person, SafeHello™. Our hope is that members of hOp communities will spend more of their time offline.

Our mission is to create communities where it’s safe and simple to help Other people.

Lonely Birthday.png

What happened to that feeling of community when you were a kid?

Social media 1.0 unintentionally created digital isolation. So when we designed our products we ditched screen time for time in real life. #IRL

That’s how those familiar faces get a name.


You can’t improve community if you can’t measure it.

An average American apartment complex of 500 people creates 124,500 possible relationships and according to our data, less than 2% of residents are connected #IRL.

One customer’s high-rise building (300-ish units) registered 7,208 unique mobile phones in a single year from our opt-in data network.


Our secret recipe for making #IRL networks starts with our core values.

These are things we value more than investor returns.

#IRL matters
Other people first
Vulnerability is strength
Do the right thing
Always be learnin’


How does an #IRL network help me?