Community as it should be–effortless, safe, and people focused

Ditch social media and join our movement to build community one help at a time.

We believe privacy is a Right.

So we treat your data like a deposit at the bank.

Millions or billions of people in one social network gets NOISY.

HelpNetworks are limited so you can put some names to faces.

We're all in this together

Three young people looking at a computer screen and smiling

I'm making a sandwich, anyone have ham?

Neighbors bumping elbows

Can someone help me with this sofa in the lobby?

A neighborhood marketplace

Anyone trade some olive oil for a brownie?

Actual Events in hOp

Help Networks are our gift to the world.

We sell private communities and manufacture engagement to keep the servers running. Let us show you how to "own your Reach" and build digital community.
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